Sunday, December 09, 2007

Warsaw, part II. Some views and a bit of architecture.

The Warsaw Ghetto could not be rebuilt, because the nazis did not leave a thing after they destroyed in entirety. (By the way, the monstruos Palace of Culture and Science is built onto the ghetto area.) But the old town was. Quite like in Nürnberg (Nuremberg) that was a remarkable task, but the bombs had not destroyed the town completely.

Like sad skeletons the walls of beautiful merchant houses and noble old churches were standing still when the citizens came back from undergound safe houses or countryside. Or, from concentration camps.

Horsey horsey horsey! And the local little ones love these vehicles, too.

Very narrow passes can take you from the King's Castle to the Market Square.

A dragon is guarding the old buildings.

And some newer districts. This is a bit the the east from Jana Pawla. (And on the area the ghetto used to be.)

The Central Station. "Surprisingly small, in a big city like this", Mr HP said. He was brave and left for Treblinka by train, and spent there almost one day. In the dark evening the Extermination Camp had been full of ghosts. "I have to turn back, can't see a thing. But there must be ghosts around", HP reported to me on the phone.

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