Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Help needed, still. Chervochkin and Chervochkina.

Late Yura Chervochkin (in the middle) being hugged by the law and order. This took place on March 11, 2007 in Moscow, at the time of the Communal Elections.

Yura Chervochkin, 22, died yesterday. He was beaten up by the UBOP officers two weeks ago in front of his home, in Serpukhov, Moscow oblast.

Every day of treatment in the hospital cost 20 000 rubles (500 euros) for his mother. Yura was an only child, and his mother had borrowed the money from friends. And Yura's fellow politicians. But she still needs some more in order to organise the funeral, and she's in debt.

Today mrs Chervochkina had walked into the prosecutors office in Moscow demanding her son's body for the burial. At first she was refused and even threatened with arrest. Actually, there have been cases of mothers demanding justice for their kids, but then they are put into jail instead, like just happened with Natalia Petrova's parents. (Petrova is a journalist who was beaten up in September at her home, with her parents and 9-year-old twin girls. I mentioned it the other day.)

But finally they agreed. The funeral of Yura Chervochkin will take place on Thursday the 13th in Serpukhov, near Moscow.

So in case you are an oil tycoon, or just have some extra cash, please send some to Yura's mom. Who lost her only child. (Please see my earlier blog posts on this, the bunch so far is here.)

If you can send your donations in foreign currency, it is better to do it by Western Union sending the money directly to her, Nadezhda Gennadyevna Chevochkina, in Serpukhov.

Even small donations might help. (Her. Too late for Yura now.) Thank you for your help and concern.
(On behalf of Nizhny Novgorod Foundation to Promote Tolerance)

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