Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Report from Germany, part II: Nürnberg (Nuremberg)

Mr HP is looking at the beginning of the river Main. Frankfurt am Main is history – we are heading to the Southeast.

We decided not to spend in Frankfurt all the time we had, as we have been there quite a number of times already and have never seen anything else but Frankfurt during these Book fair visits.

So we headed to Nürnberg. With fast train it is less than two hours from Frankfurt. For us, three hours, since we took the slower local train.

Nürnberg is in Bayern. That's why everyone says "Grüss Gott" instead of "Guten Tag"!

This was our hotel. Or Gasthaus. Was found very easily: the first one from the Train station in the old town.

In this house (on the left) artists Albrecht Dürer lived in the 15th century.

And, in this old town, like in all proper old towns there is a castle up on a hill!

And here comes the Nazi history: this is the Congress Hall of the National Socialist party, designed by Speer. The stones were cut by political slaves in the camps. And the building was never finished. Despite that it is HUGE. In one wing there is the Doku-Zenrum, ie. Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände. That is the museum which explains how it all happened. Near it are the National Socialist Party Rally Grounds.

The Evilness himself. In Nürnberg. Coming up the steps to the podium, at the Zeppelin Field. Right next to the Doku-Zentrum. At the Party rallies there were more than one million people attending. So the little town on Nürnberg was crowded!

After the Nürnberg trials this was the outcome.

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