Sunday, December 09, 2007

"The Points of Pleasure." On music and running.

What is Donald Fagen reading? I am so trying to see.

I have some personal updating to do. Remember when I told last spring I wish I could run? (Even though I did not considerate myself a runner.) I could not find that post – at least I had not labelled it under "Stupid things".

But I started running in mid-August, five times a week (not when I travel, however. But even then three time a week, at least. And I run only 2,5 kilometres, but yet I am getting better and better. Now I do it with 2 X 500 g weighs around my ancles.

Even in the stormy weather last week I ran, and it's getting easier and easier nowadays – I don't mean just because I am getting stronger and faster (oooooohhh I love the sound of these words: stronger and faster, stronger and faster...!). But I was given a present: an iPod! It is so cute. Lovely red colour, and even with my name carved onto it.

When I run I listen to it playing my favourite pieces in random order. I have started to give them The Points of Pleasure: the more points the faster I get. Almost anything my Joni Michell (Shadows and Light): 5 points. Except God Must be a Boogie Man, 10 pts. Almost anything by or with Donald Fagen: 10 pts, except My Old School, What a Shame About Me, Godwhacker, Morph the Cat, Ruby Baby and Nightfly: 20 pts. My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) by En Vogue: 25 points (No necessarily, and normally, would I say it is a better piece than Maxine, for example, but when running, much much better!).

And before (the the combination of iPod & running) I had not noticed how perfect a taste in music Quentin Tarantino has. What a shame; I have underestimated the power of Johnny Cash, too. Since having the Jackie Brown soundtrack in my iPod I see the world differently.

I am still really looking forward to some snow. Would add more challenge and spark, you see...!

And I have a strong but unproven theory according to which the weighs prevent me from falling on a slippery icy surface. (Either I'm really clever or just a maniac.)


Santa is a Finn and won't move elsewhere, no matter what kinds of suggestions the nasty and envious Swedish scientists come up with. Take a look at this:

"Santa's best location: Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan could be the optimal location for Santa Claus

Santa Claus should leave the North Pole and relocate to Kyrgyzstan to optimise the delivery of Christmas presents, a Swedish engineering firm says.

The Sweco consulting firm found Kyrgyzstan was the most logical base to avoid time-wasting detours.

It took into account main population centres and the Earth's rotation.

The story is here as a whole, so please see these BBC pages.

But if, for centuries, he has been able to deliver the presents so well from Korvatunturi, the Finnish Lapland, he should continue doing so.

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