Monday, December 03, 2007

It's not satisfaction. Let alone content. It's fear. The Russian elections part II.

IStori must now give the chrystal clear and wistful, though thought-provoking interpretation of the political situation in Russia, as the elections were hours ago, and here in Helsinki the dawn is... well... the sun is rising, if we get any more sunshine before March.

So on the verge of a new working day I just list my conclusions here:

* Out of fear people can do anything, they can vote anyone who says he will see the old (Soviet) system is not coming back (or vote the very same guy, who is claming the Soviet system was not so bad after all!!!!!).

* And, when it comes to the "national security (read: KGB/FSB) the older system is pretty much back. According to some Russian human rights activists the FSB was present at voting places, very openly and visibly.

* People, animals (especially horses), every living thing will always do things they find comfortable at the moment. (Even though the comfort would soon dissappear.) It is never easy to be the one trying to change the system, or not even the one who is supporting someone who is a rebellion in the inside – but yet, there are people who are currently doing so.

But you know what. It clearly seems Putin and his comarades are taking more and more desperate measures day by day, in order to silence the malcontent dissenters and restrain mutiny: Beating up youngsters and elderly people (see my previos blog post. What happened yesterday was that Pertova's parents were daetained when they tried to vote!), in public detaining the leader of the opposition party, and planting the FSB thugs to the voting places for ensuring the loyalty of the citizens'.

So, that clearly indicates Putins brigade is worried. Not just securing the back but worried.

If so, there actually is resistance in Russia. And it is strong.

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