Sunday, December 02, 2007

Who won? No idea. Or some oligarkhs, perhaps. The Russian elections part I.

So. The "elections" have been carried out in Russia.

There were "candidates" and "campaings". But only if you can call "candidates" the long lists of party organisations – which people had to vote, instead of voting a person.

And if you can call "campaings" the ridiculous acts of Putin speaking at stadiums for getting his ruling blessed by the people, and scaring everybody by telling how the foreign organisations are dangerously intefering the Russian political atmosphere.

But also there was a lot of oppressive violence – attacks of which the responsible ones were the police, FSB – or some houligans working for the police or FSB.

So I have heard. And there is very little about this I would doubt.


In the capital of Tatarstan, Kazan, a critical, liberal journalist Natalia Petrova was beaten up by the police (the goons were recognised by the neighbours) in September, and also her 9-year old twin girls were attacked, as well as Petrova's elderly parents. The beating took place at Petrova's home.

Later, when the parents tried to press charges at the police station, they were put into jail.

The other one of the girls lost her teeth. A terrible thing for a nine-year-old... But Petrova's condition is not so good at all. According to the recent information, she is still hospitalised, with head injuries.


But now the latest case of violence (IStori knows of), under the Duma elections, is Yuri Chervochkin's case. The following text (not the pic!) is from the Society Promoting Tolerance, located in Nizhny Novgorov.

We are calling on all people of good will to help raise money necessary to cover medical treatment of Yuri Chervochkin, aged 23.

Yuri Chervochkin is from Serpukhov (Moscow Region) is still in coma after he had been beaten up on November 23, the day before the March in Moscow. He was found at the entrance to his apartment building. He suffered a grave head injury and one of his arms that he tried to protect himself with was also injured. The "" webpage editorial office has the names of the suspects from among the UBOP (special detachment to combat organized crime at the Ministry of the Interior).

Yura had called the office an hour before he was found with his head broken. He told that there were two UBOP servicemen who threatened him with "tearing off his head" a few days before that.

He told that he was being followed by some UBOP people who he had recognized. It was not a robbery as the assaulters didn't take the money, or a watch or an expensive mobile phone.

He has been taken to Burdenko Hospital. His doctors find his condition to be stable but grave. They tell that it is possible to save his life although the consequences of the head injury are inevitable. Yura is trying to open his eyes and he reacts to pain irritants. He has not regain consciousness.

Every day of treatment there costs 20 000 rubles.

A ruble account has been opened to collect the money necessary to provide him with medical treatment.

ОПЕРУ Московского ГТУ Банка России
БИК 044525225
К/С 30301810340000604040

The address of the bank is: Serpukhov, Lenin Square,12/20

The name of recipient Chevochkina Nadezhda Gennadyevna (Yura's mother)

If you can send your donations in foreign currency, it is better to do it by Western Union sending the money directly to Yura's mother.

Even small donations might help Yura.

Additionally to this information, Anna Ploskonosova (aged 18) is currently under orders not to leave the territory of Tula city. She is under criminal investigation into alleged resisting the police on 7 November when they held a rally which was dispersed by the police. The 18-year-old girl (her weight is 48 kg) is being accused of injuring an eye of 36-year-old riot policeman, 180 sm tall.

Thank you for your help and concern.

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