Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

The Christmas market at the Esplanade Park. The photo is from the website of
the City of Helsinki.

Dear Everyone,

These pictures speak as loudly as the truthful words created by John Lennon.

Please enjoy the video (the link of which is above), and be patient when waiting for my next blog post. The thing is, I need some new computer equipment before I am able to actively write into my blog at home. (And here I am, at work, in the middle of the most traditional holiday season!!! And soon, doing some serious shopping for hardware, oh nooo...)

And, to give you some less tearful to watch – unless seeing George Michael with his hairdo from the 80's makes you cry, like it almost did to me – here is an equally serious, as for lyrics, but visually much funnier video. (EDIT: And I don't know which is more pathetic: his messy, half-feminine and strange-looking hair, filled with gel and tacky spray, or the fact that I found him so handsome back then!)

Talk to you before the New Year!


Ps. Miss Funnybunny and Mr HP are fine, too. Funnybunny met with Santa on the Chrismas Eve and told him to "Go away! I have enough presents already!", as she was so over-excited about the whole Christmas affair. (In Finland Santa comes to people's homes on Cristmas Eve, unlike in the USA, where he just drops by at night leaving the presents in the socks left waiting for him by the fireplace. But I guess Santa can afford to spend more time with us, since we live so close to him.) And Funnybunny got huge loads of presents, of course. Including two big gingerbread houses (know what they are?). But that's another story...

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