Saturday, December 08, 2007

Warsaw, part 1

So, mr HP and I visited Warsaw two weeks ago, with a god bunch of publishing editors but so far I haven't had a chance to update my blog, with photos.

Stalin's unwanted gift to the Polish, the Palace of Culture and Science, made an impression. To most of us, I dre to believe. (But our Polish guide hated it!)

Visiting the erection, or just walking round and round it, is a must. But mind that it is so big that even walking around it is more than a kilometer.

You can see it, whereever you are in Warsaw. A fact some locals do not appreciate, however.

This is the cafe at the main entrance inside the Palais. A good cafe, by the way. They served good and cheap meals, too. But did not advertise them at all. We just begged them to sell some food which was not like cakes or peanuts. And the lifts up, to the terrace are here. Remember to buy the ticket first here, downstairs. Otherwise you will be told to get back without seeing a thing. (Was tested.)

Oh, the ghetto... It was huge. And what's left? Almost nothing. Only part of one street, Chlodna, and the Umschlagsplatz where the trains were "loaded" with the "cargo". The trains heading to Treblinka.

This monument is dedicated to the ghetto victims and heroes.

This is the monument of the heroes of Warsaw Uprising, in 1944.

And one of the most interesting museums I have visited for a long time (except the one one we went into in Nuremberg): the Warsaw Rising Museum. This is a play room for kids, can you imagine. They can build little cardboard tanks, for example.

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