Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ninety nine. Let's have some wine.

Yesterday IStori went to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasma, with her Russian friends.

The white wine is in the fridge, red on the table. Soon we are to meet with some 10–20 friends. And I want to ask them if they have any clue of what's going on.

Do people realise when they are living some phase in particular (and there always is some certain phase in particular) that "this is the time we are living in"?

I mean, did people know in Austria and Germany in 1930's that "these are the actions and political motions that will lead to the World War II"?

Well, probably not. But little tears and drops became vast rivers and the world was about to end.

Now Russia is provokingly showing it is a superpower, openly willing to have a say in Eastern European politics – in Estonia, Ukraine, Georgia... Finland? Maybe. The gas pipe lines give Russia various possibilities.

Russia is showing its back-to-the-USSR attitude towards its own citizens, too. That's why all the control over the media and individual journalists, as well as over NGOs, is so important to the Kremlin.

And the EU is in trouble with all this. This kind of hostile political atmosphere is a new thing. And it is a big deal.

But before I go polish the silverware I reveal what I will be blogging about between the blog posts #101-200, the next one being the 100th!!!!

* Miss Funnybunny getting cuter and cleverer and bigger day by day (and one day her meeting a little girl called Anna in Moscow).
* My Russian skills getting dramatically better (will attend some tough university courses this summer. Goodbye, holidays!)
* MR HP and his plans about quitting all his businesses and becoming a farmer. (But there's nothing new here. That's what he has been talking about for years and years. STILL: it is hard, but not impossible any more, for him to admit that over the years he has learned to love Helsinki....

* More about music, books, films, and of course, football (especially in 2008 when we go to Vienna)!

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