Thursday, May 10, 2007

Camp. Eurovision "music".

This masterpiece was in ICA, Institute of Contemporary Art, in London. The name of the exhibition was THE SECRET PUBLIC. The Last Days of the British Underground 1978-1988. I have a soft spot for 1980's, like I already have revealed. And in this mental-hospital-like atmosphere even Margaret Thatcher seems somewhat cute. (But Maggie looks a bit worried. Perhaps she has just heard about Chernobyl contaminating Scotland. Or that the miners are not going to work tomorrow, either.)

Today's theme in Photo Thursday is camp. Not camping, but camp like kitsch. Or like the Eurovision song contest. I know it might be a bit unfair to call a serious work of art camp and even compare it to the worst kind of so-called music, but can't help it: anything with Maggie is camp!


Yesterday TN, EN and I set our bets on who are going to win the Eurovision song contest. Two winners, each bet cost two euros. EN said the winner is either Russia or Latvia, TN is betting for Iceland and Sweden, and I am supporting Estonia and Serbia.

What makes this betting so funny is that TN is the only one of us who has actually listened to any Eurovision songs. I was even terrified when she asked if I would like to hear any of the "music" before betting. "No way", I said. "Listening to any of those would be unbearable suffering for me. And then I would certainly refuse to bet!"

And EN said she would fall asleep.

So, EN and I chose the winner by using our very strange political standards. Very strange: "Russia and Latvia". "Estonia and Serbia"!

The lucky winner will profit eight euros. If there is a winner among us. If not, the money will go to charity. (TN has all the money now. But we will be watching...)

Way to go Estoniandserbia, way to go!


Karolina G. said...

Support Karolina Goceva - Macedonian representative at "Eurovision Song Contest 2007" in Helsinki (Finland).
[ ]

I.S. said...

Thanks, Karolina, for an interesting, informative and enlightening comment. Yes, I will support you, too.

Best of luck,