Saturday, May 05, 2007

100. To your health, za vashe zdrovye! To the world peace, za mir!

It has been a challenge to come up with what should be the 100th blog post of IStori, as at the very same time I am doing this, my friends are waiting for me to read the today's outcome. So perhaps this should be like a speech. (To tell you the truth, we have already had some.)

The evening in short:
(Please mind the fact that there have been several glasses of wine spent!)

*** We know who killed Olof Palme and why. Was not that difficult to figure out, now that the sharpest brain cells of the most quick-minded people got together and put some effort into it. (Kära vänner i Sverige, dear Swedish friends, this has really been bugging us here, too.) But as it is a most complicated thing to explain, I will not include the answer here. But our theory is complete.

*** Drug / drugi (friends) in Chechnyan language is dothrhrhrhr / dothrhrhrhri

*** We must do the right thing. And, we are doing it. In his speech, Mr HP made a good point by saying behind everything we do, the most important things are political. That, it is political, all we do. And we are not hesitating to admit that. (He is the love of my life! And a most wonderful thing is to realise it, day by day.)

... and to say something really good, I have to step into much much bigger shoes and quote my favourite poet:

Our Native Earth
Anna Akhmatova 1961

We do not carry it in lockets on the breast,
And do not cry about it in poems,
It does not wake us from the bitter rest,
And does not seem to us like Eden promised.
In our hearts, we never try to treat
This as a subject for the bargain row,
While being ill, unhappy, spent on it,
We even fail to see it or to know.

Yes, this dirt on the feet suits us fairly,
Yes, this crunch on the teeth suits us just,
And we trample it nightly and daily --
This unmixed and non-structural dust.

But we lay into it and become it alone,
And therefore call this earth so freely -- my own.


Thanks, friends. Kiitos, ystävät.

To your health, za vashe zdrovye! To the world peace, za mir!


Mane said...

A great party! Thanks a lot! We had very good time and nice discussion.

I am also very happy about the books Mr. HP sold me.

I.S. said...

Thanks, it was great to have you and S with us!

See you,

ode said...

Congratulations to iStori from Frankfurt's most frequent readers. Hopefully we'll make it to the 200-iStory-biletys....

I.S. said...

Thanks, Ode! I'm sure we can have the ... well... almost 200 Party with you in Germany!