Saturday, May 12, 2007

Carnivals. "Finland upsets Russia." We love the Finnish lions.

Finnish Lions (Leijonat), our national ice hockey team won today in Moscow their though and hair-risingly overexciting game. That was something! Mikko Koivu, we love you.

The following is from Canadian CBC pages:

Finland upsets Russia

Finland has won in shootout and overtime in its two games in the elimination round.

Minnesota Wild forward Mikko Koivu scored at 5:40 of the extra period in the win over Russia. It was the first time a Russian team had lost on Moscow ice at a world championship since 1957.


As you see, we have carnivals here! But the main reason is not Finland qualifying to the ice hockey finals, but the Eurovision Song Contest.

International artistic co-operation at Kolmen Sepän aukio, by the Statue of Three Smiths, in front of the Stockmann department store.

The Senate Square was full of people already in afternoon, because of the concerts.

Miss Funnybunny, Mr HP, all these people and I were listening to
Värttinä. See a good video here.

One did not have to go near the stage. You could see the artists everywhere. And


See you there tomorrow, HG and PH with your kids, and PG, and everybody: Den glider in! Vi ska kämpa, vi ska ge allt det vi har, vi ska ta guld igen!

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