Saturday, April 21, 2007

Exhausted. Looking forward to the summer of 2008.

This is Vienna, my town of 2008!

Today Miss Funnybunny and I went to a huge shopping mall in Eastern Helsinki.

Why an earth did we do that? That's what I was wondering when we walked home with a lot of heavy groceries, loud crying (<= Miss F.) and (my) painful back and feet.

But we like the Helsinki metro, ice cream, shopping cheap computer hardware and carousels, and of course, there is one. And we met a friend there.

But I am so very tired. I haven't got enough rest after London, and Miss Funnybunny is making me crazy by being rebellious, misbehaving and difficult, like a huge, nearly three-year-old, spoiled drama queen.

No, to tell you the truth, she is wonderful, for most of the time. But it is just a fact that nearly three-year-olds do tricky things to their mothers. Like they always say "no" to anything. And cry if they don't get their will. And cry even when everything is done according to their wishes. And leave forks on the floor causing their mothers, by accident to step on one. (I got it away immediately, but there was blood everywhere, and I am limping a bit. No real harm done. Just that it made me even more tired.)

And, when being at granny's, she had been just perfect: happy, cute, nice, polite, obedient... Everything she has not been with me today. Or yesterday, or day before that...

How do single parents survive? Beats me.

At times like these, I flip through Petite Anglaise's excellent blog and check out how her Tadpole is doing.


And then, to make my agony worse, some brain-dead idiot has designed this weekends movie schedules on TV. There are three (3!) Tom Cruise films on TV, can you believe it?!?! One of the worst ever is on right now.


So, why Vienna?

Only 412 days, 21 hours and 16 minutes to... this! And I will be there in Vienna!

Never seen that city. But I have liked Austria a lot: Salzburg and the Alps are great, been there years ago.

OH YES, very important things to add: Miss Funnybunny will be travelling with me, and so does Mr HP, and many friends of ours. Lovely, lovely Vienna!


PS. About the tragedy at Virginia Tech, a funny and clever blogger, Chase me ladies, I'm in the cavalry, put it bluntly, and I agree:

... The idea is that if one of the Virginia Tech students (other than the killer) had had a gun with him, he could have come to the rescue like Dick Dauntless, and shot the Korean.

Well that’s true. But what if 300 students had guns, and they were all on the look-out for a student with a gun? I’m failing to see the genius of this plan, though no doubt I’ve overlooked something obvious.

(Hey. Was the "300 students" referring to Frank Miller's 300? Perhaps not...)

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