Sunday, May 20, 2007

Greek salad again. Summer IS coming! Weekend in pictures.

We were five people from Finland and Russia who went to TN's island yesterday. An amazing place, truly.

It is located in front of Helsinki, or should I say between Helsinki and Tallinn. Surrounded by the Baltic Sea.

Lots of sailing boats around.

There were peaceful, big eiders nesting, with their big eggs they let us accidentally see.

Accidentally, because we came too close as we could not see them and then they rushed away – but came back to lie down soon after we were a bit further.

There is an eider nesting in this very pic, see? Under the tree, a bit to the left. If you can't see it, click this picture bigger.

TN's family dacha, with my shadow.

Greek salad again, like in a gloomy winter evening at HH's when we were mourning because of Anna, and wondering what is going on in Russia.

This time we did less mourning (too beautiful a day for that), but an equal amount of wondering.

Salad was made by NF again. HH brought lamb meat and home-made quacamole. I came with the falafels, and cheese pastries – not homemade!

And, wherever there are us, Finns, and Russians, there must be a...

...sauna! It was not this dark – it was not dark at all. It just seems so dark here because it's so hot!

Coming back home. There's some Nokia for you. The Nokia headquarters are the three buildings on the left, and next to it is the energy monster Fortum, and Kone somewhere in between. Horizon is a bit shaky, isn't it? That's because our boat was jumping over the wawes.

Home at last. And see, the summer of 2007 is here!

This beautiful tree is blooming on the opposite side of our house in the backyard.


About the stuff I was thinking about the other day:

* Must get to know more about the recent Matvienko case. Was there an attempt to assasinate her? And who are the lads now being locked up in jail? Are they being tortured? If so, there will soon be "confessions" and "testimonies" which prove... absolutely nothing.

* No, I am not jogging EXCUSE ME, running yet, But I will start day after tomorrrow. That's a promise. Tomorrow I will be working like a little ant. (Or a big ant. I am working daily, and during night time too!)

And I already told you summer has come. And yep, they did sack Wolfowitz, who will remain on the spot like a lame duck until 30 June. Yet getting rid of Wolfie proved that somewhere there still is some justice. Only that they should not have tipped him so generously, just for resigning.


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