Friday, June 01, 2007

Milano! With some mysterious details of gangsters and football. Back in business.

We visited Milan and tried to have a short holiday. Tried, but not quite succeded, because work is following us everywhere, and that was mainly my fault. But that's another (sad) story.

And unfortunately we had a TV in our hotel, with CNN, the MacNews. Despite Miss Funnybunny strongly objecting, I managed to watch the Lugovoy press conference. Live.

The Litvinenko case, and Berezovsky especially, reminds me of a very good gangster film Miller's Crossing, written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. When Miss F was with her granny at the hotel, I explained everything about that film to Mr HP. See below our glasses of vino bianco sprizzante - mine - and Mr HP's port.

Unfortunately I can't explain my bulletproof theory of loyalty and betrayal without spoiling the film, which on the other hand is something everyone should see at least once in a lifetime. (The best film of the Coens'.)


Should have just bought postcards? The Duomo is so magnificent it escapes photos taken by normal mortals.

I'm on the top of the wooooorrld!

For body and soul.

Leonardo watching over La Scala.

To see a greener Milan, you have to sneak into these little artistic backyards. This is near the Navigli.

Tram in a canyon. Very Milanese. See any AC Milan flags? They were everywhere. Perhaps that's why I bought an Inter Milan shirt. But I just can't publish here who's name is on my "futbolka"! Well. think about the Finals: Zizou was not an Inter Milan player, so it must be...

The Central Station. Or a little bit of it. Did you know that 320.000 people rush through it every day?

Onions, corn and poisonous mushrooms? Yum!

Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel with Prada shops and my favourite gelateria. And a very nice book store there, too!

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