Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Before the End: Revival Of The 1980's. (Sporty, sporty me.)

There is a number of IStori readers who think that I have started yoga lessons, or that I have been practising yoga for a long time, or that I am a yoga guru.

Sorry to cause you unbearable dissapointment, but I have never been interested in yoga. I just thought "Hot Yoga" sounds weird and dynamic enough for me to try. Or actually, I once was interested, it was three years ago, or maybe two... (This is very rare, I can't remember if it was b.F. or just p.F. = before Funnybunny or post Funnybunny.)

But I went to a yoga lesson in a place the teacher was supposed to be very qualified and oneoftheabsolutebest and so on.

I could not concentrate in breathing (they make a terrible fuss over that), but instead, the troubles at work – believe me, I have had my share of those, and it has been a BIG share – kept occupying my mind.

The most irritating thing was that when the teacher came to correct some bad position of mine, and doing a good job, most likely, I was all puzzled and angry because he had interrupted my precious process of... thinking.

So the major thing I learned that evening: in order to get rid of mundane worries I must do something that occupies my mind completely. My favourite kind of excercise, in addition to the ones listed before, is something that requires a lot of energy, but is not too challenging so that I don't need to have lessons for decades before I can move from the beginner's level. (= includes all the Japanese martial arts, for example.)

My cup of tea:

*** Swimming. Including water gymnastics, everything in water, or jumping into it! Swimming in natural waters. With dolphins and sharks.
*** Badminton.
*** Squash. Hello, 80's again!
*** Cross-country skiing. (It's true, I have always loved it, always.)
*** Skating. (Good rink in the centre of Helsinki nowadays, on Rautatientori.)
*** My favourite kind of dance excercise used to be called "jazz ballet", but it is difficult to come by any more.


Fish fingers, WHAM and Walkmans. Past tense, say hello to IStori. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.

But what if really good things never vanish. Soon all of you will be jogging – my having been the trend guide.

Or maybe the world will come to its end before that. Mane the mean has found The End Of The Internet.

Get out of here, do something useful.


Mane the Mean is going to a boxing match! That must be something. I have never been, but I wish I had. It is my favourite spectator sport at the Olympic Games. Plus all the sports with horses.


ode said...

Luistelu on mageinta, meen taas tänään Frankun Icesporthalliin, siellä on sekä ulko- että sisäradat kaikelle kansalle ja keskellä päivää tilaa sirklata.

I. S. said...

Siis sä oot NIIN oikeessa. Luistelu on mageinta. Ja täällä on nyt luonnonjäätkin, mahtavaa.

terv. IStori