Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Four Eyed Monsters

Go and see Four Eyed Monsters. You can watch the entire ('71.54) indie film in YouTube or at the web site of their own, but for a limited time only.

After this, the basic entertainment sh*t from the USA we get to see on TV feels even more invane than before.

This is a very clever, touching and funny film. I enjoyed it a lot this morning; not recently but more than 12 hours ago – and I'm still thinking about it!


odelius said...

Hi, I tried to watch but it's too nerving, my computer stops every other minute, it would take me two hours to watch this thing. What a pity.

I.S. said...

Dear Odelius

Still using that slow modem? Our fast lane connection showed it quite normally, did not even have to load it first.

But you can support the artists and order the DVD from their site. I think it was 8 dollars, or not much anyway.

Enjoy (the Sex and the City of the modern youth), some day,