Monday, June 04, 2007

"Of course we are returning to those times."

The Cold War is back.

According to the Guardian, President Vladimir Putin has just said he wants to threaten Europe with nuclear missiles, if the US missile base is being set in Czechia.

Whoaa. I have been thinking about the Cold War starting again. Ever since I wrote that The Games Have Begun Again.

But this is getting so strange, and much worse. "Of course we are returning to those times", Putin had affirmed. Of course.


The Guardian, by Luke Harding

President Vladimir Putin yesterday declared that a new arms race and cold war with the west had begun and announced that Russia would retaliate against US missile defence plans in Europe by pointing its missiles at European cities.

In a hawkish speech that sets the stage for a frosty G8 summit this week, Mr Putin launched an extraordinary broadside at the west over missile defence, Kosovo and democratic standards.

Mr Putin will meet George Bush, Tony Blair and other world leaders on Wednesday in the German resort of Heiligendamm for their annual meeting. In an interview released last night he made his most strident attack yet on western power.

(The whole article here.)


Saharov said...

Hey! Interesting, but maybe it would be even more interesting to base your stories not only on the British sources. I mean Russia has made mistakes, but you can not blame Russia for everything, that would be ridiculous. Western powers are not sheep either and also west needs "useful idiots".

I.S. said...


Thanks. No, the British sources are easy to come by, and I just love to read these newspapers daily... And yes, I do have Russian sources, too. The problem is just that I'd have to translate everything first, and I am a very lazy person. And some of them do not want to be published abroad, not even in my stupid blog.

Sometimes I quote Russians quoted by the British or Finnish media, like Tregubova today.

But I often as the opinions of my Russian friends on various things, and ask them if anything (I might have written on) is in contradiction with what they think.
But unfortunately, many of them say things are getting really strange and that freedom of speech is limited.

Soon I will have some Russian friends visiting and I will get good reviews from direct sources!

Best wishes,