Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Swimming in the Baltic Sea

Yesterday I attended the FRISKIS & SVETTIS excercise session, in the Center of Helsinki, Kaivopuisto. One of the reasons for my NOT going there more often has been (aside of lack of time) the stupid name of the organising group. "Friskis & Svettis, like "Healthies & Sweatish". Or "Tertsit ja Hiksit".

Now how does that sound – very stupid and Swedish indeed.

But it was fun, and the best part came afterwords. E.S., M. and I. went to buy some pique nique stuff like olives, bread, cheese and Domino bisquits, the best biscuits in the world (forget them Oreos), AND a bottle of Rose wine. Then we headed for Katajanokka, the South-Eastern part of central Helsinki, and first we swam, then added some gourmet pleasures into our lovely and healthy leasure evening. The photos here are taken from where we swam.

It is terrible to know that the Baltic Sea is in such a bad shape. But we did not swallow the water, of course. (We had the Rose to help with the thirst.)

Soon, probably next, I will be writing about how to make the most of your (mine) time; how to find to for EVERYTHING. I will dedicate that piece of my IStori blog to Mohammed and his friend Jessica. But I still need to give that important issue a lot of thought. There are so many things I don't have time for, BUT ALSO so many things I feel i don't NEED to have time for, like I don't need to cook meals with several difficult courses or do jigsaw puzzles (absolutely hate them) or watch reality Tv series. Except that British one where men swap wives and then everything goes wrong in both of the households. (That is just too hilarious to miss.)

Talk to you soon,


Anonymous said...

Give me the names of those British series - maybe I can find on dvd here in Germany ...

Anonymous said...

...excuse me my bad English - you see, I really need those BRitish series!
Odelius again

IStori said...

Dear Odelius

Se on suomeksi "Vaimot vaihtoon". Mutta epäilenpä vahvasti löytyykö sitä DVD:ltä. Se on siis nk. tosi-tv:tä. Tsekkaa jos löydät sen Tv Neloselta tai MTV 3:lta (kun en nyt ole varman kummalta kanavalta se meillä suomessa tulee). Sieltä löytyy varmaan linkki myös sen alkuperäiseen nimeen. Tai mäpäs kaivankin sen mun täniltaiseen bloggaukseen.

terv. IStori