Thursday, July 13, 2006

Estonian language is getting interesting

Dear All,

Now it is

time, time, time.

To start thinking about something else but football. Tough. Well, I have been working quite a lot during the games, believe it or not. But now I have to use my extra leasure and pleasure hours somehow... Especially after my little girl is asleep. Until then, finding things to do is no problem whatsoever!

But the new thing I will start writing about into this blog is ESTONIA and ESTONIAN LANGUAGE. Has anybody noticed there is a lot of resemblance between Estonian and the Turku dialect (of Finnish)? Really, like "Tere tulemast Tartusse!" is in Turku: "Tervettulo´ Turkkusse!". Now isn't that just unbelievable. And also, listening to a Turku person speaking his mother tong is a lot like listening to an Estonian.

But seriously, I will start studying Estonian a bit. Today. I have bought some books and cd´s. Next weekend I will visit Turku, and I hope I will have time listen to the cd's.

The pictures here are from Kadriorg park, in Tallinn; panorama, Tartu; and the Old Believers near Tartu. I will tell you much more about the Old Believers later. They look very Russian, don't they? Well, as a matter of fact, the tradition comes from Russia, and they are very Russian still. They don't speak any Estonian. (So I have to brush up my Russian, too.)

In three weeks I will go to Narva, and Lake Peipus, the Old Believers' village, and Tartu. That is something to look forward to! (Check out the Tartu pages:

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Ps. One last thing about the World Cup: WHAT HAPPENED to Zizou? He got mad, I certainly got that, and Materazzi got exactly what he wanted. But did Materazzi fall because of the hit - or does it even matter?!?!? What do you think?
* Thanks, Mohammed, for sending me a brilliant article called Mother of All Insults (the Guardian yesterday).
* Here is one of the newest stories of the attack, and ZZ not regretting:

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