Friday, July 14, 2006

Missing my baby and going to Turku

Dear Blogspotters

My dear little toddler girl is on holiday. She is with her grandparents by the lake Päijänne, in an island. She loves it there! But I hate the fact that we are not together. Oh, it's hard to be a mum. And to work all the time.

I just started listening to an Estonian language course, on CD. Luckily, most of the words are already familiar, or close to Finnish, so beginning is not so hard. (Yeah, yeah, it will get harder, I know.)

And there are ONLY 14 cases (sijamuotoa). We have 15 in Finnish!

Estonians have a frase "tänan meldiva päeva eest". In Finnish it means "kiitos hyvästä päivästä", ie. "thank you for a good day". But when does one use a frase like that? They say that to the God before falling asleep? In front of a mirror? We Finns are so cynical and seldom spend whole days together, you see.

But I will say that my little girl very often.

Soon I will travel to Turku, as tomorrow I will be selling books at BookTori-happening. More about it here: but I am afraid it is in Finnish only. But the pages of the City of Turku are in English, too, they are here:

Loodan, et kohtume jälle. Önn kaasa! Head aega! (Guess what those phrases mean. The first who has guessed right will get a photo by e-mail as a present.)


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jukkahoo said...

Pakko arvata: Luotan, että kohtaamme jälleen. Onni kanssa(si?)! Hyvää päivää!