Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Remembering Germany, but ALLEZ LES BLEUS!

Nice to be back home! It was great to spend almost a week in Frankfurt, especially when Germany and Argentina were playing. (I was wearing the Argentina shirt in the middle of millions of Germans.... and then started the penalties... But I was fine, and so was everybody else, except the Argentinian team.) And on Saturday we had an exciting game there, near the center, at the Frankfurt stadium: when France was playing Brazil the streets were full of people in yellow, or green, shirts.

And most of them, the fans of Brazil, were not Brazilians but Germans, and maybe from some other countries, too. Somebody said, that people who do not know much about football usually support Brazil. How evil thing to say. But true.

But my friends and I, we were wearing blue, white and red, as a minority there. And WE WON!

But I think Germany has won the Wolrd Cup. Already. Doesn't matter how they will play Italy this evening.

Firstly, Germany has organised these games very well. Fans are taken care of in such a funny, friendly and appreciated manner that I almost could not belive I am in Germany. Many people have had ideas of Germany being efficient but boring, clever but with no sense of humour, but NO, no, no: Germany is a lot of fun and beautiful cities and landscapes, warm people and so good food! And everything was surprisingly cheap, too.

Secondly, the German team is now better then ever. Kaiser Beckenbauer and Rudi Völler, and even Klinsi, must be a bit envious when they look how the team is enjoying its task, and of course, playing so well together. Going forward with a lot of pressure, doing fancy stuff and tricks, and winning a match after match. Actually, the only German player I remember fun to watch has been Klinnsman.

I wish you good luck, but anyway, FRANCE will be the winner of the tournament.




Sedis said...

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Se Lauran Jtupa-keikka oli eilen keskiviikkona. En ollut vain tänään kirjoittanut blogia.

Sedis said...

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