Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lake Päijänne and learning Estonian

Yesterday I visited my baby girl and took her back home with me. I was missing her so much. The weather in Asikkala, Päijänne, got very windy and our little boat was jumping on the wawes. My mother and her spouse have their summer place in an island. And I really needed to get back to Helsinki, to work work work.

In the car (when driving there and back) I listened to my Estonian language course. Some phrases IN FINNISH were somewhat peculiar, like 21. is "kahdeskymmenesyhdes", ie. "twentyoneth".

But I still think the only good way for me to learn the language is by listening and repeating, and listening the cd's whenever I have time for them. I just can't go to any evening courses right now.

And, I also need to learn long sentences, not just seprate words and endless grammatical details with endless lists of exercises. That may be efficient, but so boring.

Maybe that's why learning Russian and taking part in various language courses, has been so difficult for me. It is so strange that I know a lot of interesting details about Russian grammar, but I can say only few things in that demanding language.

Soon I will go to "Etelä-Pohjanmaa". You Finns know how scary a place that is, but to all of you foreigners I can tell it is thepart of Finland were people are very proud and don't have any sense of humour. Or maybe they do, but we vane, posh and proud Helsinki-born wannabeintellectuals don't understand them. (In real life they are laughing at us.)

So, soon to Alavus, to a real Pohojammaa wedding!

Ps. I have to mention that originally, I am from Alavus, too. My grandmother was from there. So I am one to THEM.

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