Monday, February 04, 2008

Yes You Can!

Savannah River Site. One of the biggest nuclear weapon facilities and storages in the world. And, a huge waste dump: According to its website, its main task is to "support current and future national security and nuclear materials requirements through tritium processing, waste management and vitrification, special nuclear material storage, reprocessing, research and development, and technology transfer". Wouldn't want to live close.

On the verge of the Supercalifragilistic Tuesday... I think Barack Obama stands a chance here. But should he really become a president? Should he be the Chosen One, should he be given the Briefcase with the Codes & the Button? (As well as become the Ultimate Boss of CTU and Jack Bauer?)

Maybe so. From the distance (= Helsinki!) at least he seems to be the cleverest candidate so far: concerned about climate change, promoting renewables, critisizing the war, among other things.

Him being the President of the USA would be refreshing for the conservative racists, all over the world. And, just think about the comparison between Putin-Medvedjev and Obama. Beautiful.

And how about the War Against Terror? Axis of Evil? Obama does not seem to support that kind of crap talk. (Well, who on earth, with a brain, would?)

Obama is doing a good campaign with celebrities of music, go and see (and listen) for yourself.

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Barack Hussein Obama was born here in 1961.

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EDIT: What do I have against Clinton, you may ask. Bill hiding in the background? Well, perhaps I don't have so much of anything against her. Would be great to have a female leader in the USA. (Our Tarja would feel very comfortable with her:-) But I wouldn't be her active supporter, either. I remember her husband being more or less a conservative, and not at all trustworthy, so I still think Obama would definitely be my choice – if I could only vote for him...

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Anonymous said...

Dido. Heard also a rumour(?), that Clinton wouldn´t (opposite to Obama) close Guantanamo. That was one of my my main reasons to decide to support a man, hard decision as it was for a dedicated voter of women only (despite my father of course ;) ).