Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rap and drumming

The film has not started yet but Miss Funnybunny is drumming already.

Miss Funnybunny has drumsticks. She got them at the premiere of a film called Risto Räppääjä. (Chris Rapper? Or something...)

Dum-bum-bum. Dum-bum-bum. Dumti-dumti-dumti-dum... Bum-bum-BUM.

Funny how the other day when I was running I started thinking how much I love rhythms, and I think I share this passion with my lttle girl. Then I started wondering if Funnybunny and I should start dancing something. Like tap dancing, flamenco or salsa. Or African dances. Something to do with rhythm and percussions, timbas.

(EDIT: For me, it would be returning to this wonderful hobby combining music and excercising. Since being a teenager I have spent quite a lot of time at dance studios. Even participated a dance-and-riding camp for a week, where we did both flamenco and rode horses, Western style, 2 X 2 h a day!)

Well, now with Funnybunny practising her drumming skills I think we are having more than enough rhythm for a while!

* * *

Risto Räppääjä was a pretty good film, I must say. See the trailer here. And the official site is, also linked here.

Mari Rantasila directing Mimmi Lounela playing Nelli Nuudelipää ("Nell Noodlehead") and Niilo Sipilä playing Risto.

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