Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Republicans wanting a change. Troitsky came.

In every man there is a cowboy.

Republicans for Obama. See. That's so great. Like "United Mice Supporting Hungry Cats". Or perhaps "Schlager Bands For Good Music". Or "Oil Industry For Reducing the Risk Of the Climate Change". (Or... please gimme some more!)

But yet, IStori is wishing the Best Of Luck for changing the political atmosphere and environment in the USA, and for protecting the Tellus atmosphere and environment we have in common.

* * * * *

Russian rock manager, DJ, dissident, Kremlin fighter, ex-editor in chief of Playboy magazine Artemi Troitsky gave a good DJ gig in Helsinki yesterday evening. Whoaa. What a show! We were told the basics of the Soviet & Russian rock scene (there is and has been one - both under- and above the ground), and for sure, we were made to listen to some classics along with a "lecture". But that was fun!

More pics at the Rosebud site, www.rosebud.fi, or here.

* * * * *

Thanks, Ajatusten Rekolanoja for your comment, and for reminding me of Laskiainen, Shrove Tuesday. It seems to be a pancake day almost around the world, but according to the Finnish tradition we are supposed to eat buns with whipped cream and jam.

Miss Funnybunny and I will enjoy either genre of delicacies this evening.

Maybe we could try some fasting, too: no more candies before the Easter. We have had more than our share recently.


Vaiheinen said...

Quite nice site:-) It is like a "Nuclear Plant Engineers Supporting Renewable Energy Production" or like a "AS Roma fans for Liverpool".

I.S. said...

Thanks! You got it. But everyone's for 'Pool, aren't they!?

Vaiheinen said...

Well, I don't know others but I suppose that AS Roma's Ultras don't, after 2001 UEFA game at Anfield, or propably after European Cup Final 1984 in Rome or... who knows:-)

Anonymous said...

"...we are supposed to eat buns with whipped cream and jam."

Jam??? MARZIPAN, my dear, MARZIPAN!