Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Challenge of Ten Blogs

La Petite Anglaise, herself. She was fired in 2006. That was probably one of the best things ever happened to her! But she did not realise it back then.

I was challenged by Vaiheinen to reveal a list of ten blogs I like. So here we go, the first one being Vaiheinen!

Good friends as excellent bloggers:

Vaiheinen. A dear old friend, with a very serious and clever blog. With those climate change comments & solutions he is kicking ass! And guess who's idea was the name Vaiheinen"? ("Phaser". Star trek. Think!)

A. ja Korvenranta
. She is a funny girl with a distressing job, lousy salary, but the nicest boss. She is vegan, does not drink, keeps practising running and does yoga like every night. (It is "night" before 07 am.) And then she is constantly wondering why people think she's strange. But that's kind of cute.

Ajatusten Rekolanoja. The same goes for her, except the rest starting from the drinking part. Has started to study Russian, poor girl.

Oderazzi. Without her I would not know what's going on in Frankfurt, and hey, I need to know what's going on in Frankfurt. She is a good friend and the best hostess I can think of.

Sedis. The King of Karaoke. Fan of the best films.

And, some multinational:

Petite Anglaise. She's the best. Maybe not so deep, and certainly not political... But with style, honesty and feeling.

Naked blog. I love Scotland, and this guy is so clever and funny. And stylish, yes, him & his blog, too. Next time I visit Edinburgh I will say hi, I swear.

La Russophobe. Like a news agency. And I love her courage – she does not seem to mind the ugly sound of not-at-all-politically-correct "phobia" in her blogger name.

Non-working Monkey. A new connection. Seems quite interesting, with rough writing and fun. Quite a respectful number of f-words here and there. And, if I ever visit the French Canada...

David Byrne. If Vaiheinen were more of an artist, he'd be David Byrne!

Or rather, David Byrne is the Vaiheinen in the New York based intellectual underground life.

She's not Tadpole, daughter of La Petite Anglaise, but my darling Miss Funnybunny instead.

Now, I'll send this Challenge forward to everyone reading this, but especially to A. ja Korvenranta, Ajatusten Rekolanoja and Oderazzi. Go, girls, go! And to Sedis, of course!


Sedis said...

I thank for my producer and co-operating crows. You are all exellencies. This happens only once unless you'll live twice.

odelius said...

Iituli kiitti haasteesta, olen otettu hienosta sijoittumisestani!
Viimepäivät vierähti muuton ja biletyksen merkeissä. Juhlien kirkkain tähti oli ehdottomasti mun 84-vuotias äiteeni, joka kansallispuvussaan jopa joraili. Were missing you two! Nähdäänkö Soiksessa vai futiksissa kesällä?

I.S. said...

Nähdään tietty. Sodiksesssa VARSINKIN! Voin oikeastaan kommentoda taas siellä sun blogissasi!