Monday, October 01, 2007

Democracy working. Until it is too late. // Very little things bringing happiness to me. (And not all of them are little.)

So. Putin could become the Prime Minister of Russia. He would like to continue as a strong ruler of the country the political system of which would thus take a step – or a giant leap, should I say – towards three or two-party system, (EDIT:) the ultimate goal being one-party dictatorship, since the smallest parties might be wiped out of the political map after the next elections when Putin's so-called party would get most of the votes. But that's democracy, isn't it? And it is an oligarchy already, right?

Russia Today
had already found praising commentaries. For someone, Putin has "improved Russia's image":

"I don’t the see the President as the second man. I think he should be number one. He has built up a new Russian state from nothing. He improved its image. I see him the as a life-long president," Ramzan Kadyrov, the President of Chechnya, said.

M.A. goes back to the hippie stage.

But I have recent little reasons for happiness:

1. Miss Funnybunny stuff. She's just great. She always is my number one. But now some more, not-so-evident-numberones.

1. I was riding Icelandic horses – or I rode a horse, we were six people – yesterday. Some of us including me rode in a forest for two hours – now it's time to hold your breath – WITHOUT A SADDLE! Only with a blanket on the horse's back. That is the coolest thing I have done for ages. I felt like an ancient American Indian, a link between the Earth and the Ancient Soul of the Eternity. (Geee whizzz!)

The photo: that's my Icelandic friend Gaukur, and me (wearing jeans, on the right).

1. I managed to remember to buy washing powder. Yes. We middle-aged boring working mothers love the idea of having a clean household. And I'm not kidding! I even bought two packages of non-toxic but lovely-smelling powders. (But because I am busy with zillion other things I tend to forget to be well-equipped all the time... End up using only half clean clothes for ages. And MR HP is even more busy.)

1. Two weeks ago we had a reunion (Edit: here, at my current office, decorated with candles and lots of wine - and that was more that just decoration) with my old work buddies. This get-together still makes me smile. We just met with some 15 people, with whom we worked in an environmental organisation 10–15 years ago. Some of us were working as campaigners or various officers, and some as activists. And all came who could make it. After the updates we danced. Prince and Earth, Wind and Fire, for heaven's sake!

But first we listened to, and told long – and when interrupted constantly, even longer – stories about our break-ups, divorces, new loved ones, new children, old children (even 30-year-olds!), houses some are building, houses some would like to build, new jobs, jobs we have happily quit... And about obscene works of art some have on their walls, like Yoko Ono's behind, or... well, never mind that one.

But even if it was funny and warm, I still got a bit sad: I have made friends with many new, nicest people, and I have had very good jobs, too, but I also understood I have never had as many as good work mates to spend my time with. And probably never will.

But these guys are not far away, any more.

1. Like I mentioned recently, I do run every day. Or every week day, 5 times a week. Only 2,5 km but nonetheless: I run! C'mon, give me some credit. My sixth week just started, so I have run more than 60 kilometres already.

A year ago I would not have believed this. And, not even ten years ago. Let alone 20. I am not a runner, never have been.

Mr Taiga is ready to some serious disco dancing.

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