Monday, October 22, 2007

The 30th Anniversary of Sampo Feodor Lindfors

(Before the promised Germany report a far more important thing came up:)

Sampo Feodor Lindfors is hopefully celebrating his 30th Birthday today.

Well. It is his birthday, but so far his location is a mystery to his mother, daugher, brother, and other loved ones. To everybody here.

Like I have posted before, Sampo disappeared 27th of July 2006 – more than a year ago – from a summer village in Houtskari (Houtskär), Korppoo, Southwestern Finland, archipelago. He left the summer cottage in the morning, at around ten o'clock, and was not seen ever since. Bank account: untouched. Phone? Left at home.

Because he spoke fluent Russian, and because there were many Russian tourists at that time, with their yahts and sailing boats, Sampo's mother would like to start to inquire the Russian authorities soon, if Sampo could be there on the other side of our Eastern border, for some reason. It is even likely he had his passport with him when he disappeared. (He did not drive, so that was his main certificate of identification.)

Sampo, should you see this, please come home! And even before that, please contact your mother. She would love to celebrate your 30th birthday with you, having snails and champagne with you in the finest restaurant you choose!

Sampo Feodor Lindfors, 30 years.

If ANYONE has ANY information on Sampo, his whereabouts or anything that could be of help, please contact Sampo's mother through IStori or through here:

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