Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Love and Anarchy. Paprika. About being a Rock God.

The annual Love and anarchy film festivals, or Helsinki International Film festivals, as the other name goes, are starting tomorrow. Mr HP and Miss Funnybunny are going to go to check out the datcha premises in western Finland, so I get to see some films!!!!!!!!

Well, there are some articles on the urgency list I have to write. But. Not a big deal, I have started them long ago.

I have to confess something weird: After wondering for so long, I have started to run every day, Monday–Friday. Five times a week. That has taught me some discipline and planning. You see, I run in the middle of the day. (Not much, only 30 min. But I run! Never would I have thought...)

Back to Love and Anarchy. I have chosen to see this one (and the only reason why I dare to reveal my plans here in IStori is that I already have the ticket!!!!):


With its brainy scientist heroine, and surreal, super-kitsch imagery, above-average Japanese anime sci-fi pic Paprika has a better chance than most Nipponese toons of breaking out of the specialty ghetto by appealing to femme auds as well as the genre's core constituency of fanboys.
– Leslie Felperin, Variety

Director Satoshi Kon – – makes an art of Japanese anime in this tale of technology as an invader of dreams. Fiercely provocative, Paprika shames Hollywood's use of animation as a kiddie pacifier.
– Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

And then I was thinking about this one (as the whole world knows, and knows well, the Air Guitar World Championships of take place in Oulu. Annually.):

Air Guitar Nation

"You’re Jimi Hendrix, you’re Yngwie Malmsten, you’re anyone you wanna be. You just feel like a rock God!"
– David ”C-Diddy” Jung

With equal measures of showmanship, patriotism and irony, hundreds vie at NYC's Pussycat Lounge for the East Coast Division of the first-ever nationwide air guitar championship for the right to eventually represent the U.S. at the world championship. Meanwhile, back in Finland, the current world champ frets that the influx of Americans could corrupt the form's purity. Alexandra Lipsitz's often hilarious documentary won the audience award at SXSW and is spawning a cult following that could snowball in release.
– Ronnie Scheib / Variety


Tomorrow evening, after the festival press conference, and loooong after Miss Funnybunny has left for her grandparents' (when I have already started to long for her) I will get the G&T sent to my Facebook page by VK. Thanks!


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