Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Village of Fools

I am back from Frankfurt and Nürnberg (Nuremberg). We had an excellent trip with Mr HP. A wonderful combination of work, socialising with old and newer friends, seeing new (and older) places, getting stuck with historical facts and horrendous operations (Nürnberg!!!!!), and last but not least; great and stylish or boring and distasteful architecture.

Lots of bratwurst and kartoffel which made Mr HP very happy.

Report with pics coming up. I just don't have neither the time nor energy for that now, because I must watch this:

For God, Tsar and the Fatherland is on TV this evening.

From the Why Democracy pages:

Mikhail Morozov is a Russian patriot, good Christian and successful businessman. He owns Durakovo - the “Village of Fools” - 100 km southwest of Moscow. People come here from all over Russia to learn how to live and become 'true' Russians. When they join the Village of Fools, the new residents abandon all their former rights and agree to obey Mikhail Morozov’s strict rules. “What we have here is a society that respects the vertical of power, this is what our country needs most of all, “ says Morozov quoting his idol President Putin. The whole spectrum of power - political, spiritual and administrative – is represented in the village and people gather for semi-private meetings with Morozov. They discuss the future of Russia, their ambitions and their goals. For God, Tsar and the Fatherland shows what drives Russian patriotism today and why these citizens are against democracy.

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a-s said...

Well, did you like the film? I saw it twice and even met the director. The discussion also explained a bit about the "fools" - mainly different kind of addicts.

I myself found the vice-speaker of the Duma most interesting, and especially his opinions on freedom of the media and the importance of Europe.