Monday, July 23, 2007

Yup. Steely Dan report coming up...

Sorry, I'm still not able to blog about my past Steely Dan experience yet. It was so fantastic. I have to go and buy Gaucho again (it was stolen from me four years ago), and listen to it with Funnybunny (who was not there in Pori last weekend, of course), And I have to discuss with some friends who were there, too, about the lengthy but cheerful monologues of Walter Becker's... And, Donald Fagen was not at all reserved, either, I can tell.

Elvis Costello has just finished. So, who's next on stage?

And Im going insane
And Im laughing at the frozen rain
And Im so alone
Honey when they gonna send me home

Bad sneakers and a pina colada
My friend
Stompin on the avenue
By radio city with a
Transistor and a large
Sum of money to spend

Steely Dan: Bad Sneakers

But it was not the first piece of the Steely Dan concert at Pori Jazz 2007. No, the first one was...


EDIT: But it was not that one, either. (They did play Aja, but in the middle...) I think the First was Pretzel Logic, and soon after that Babylon Sisters, followed by Josie... The problem was, I did not take notes in the beginning. (Except mental ones.)

When all my dime dancin' is through
I run to you...



Vaiheinen said...

Cool. Steely Dan is so cool.

How about Elvis or BS&T?


I.S. said...

Elvis C. was not my cup of tea, but apparently there were people who at the end of that gig started a big sing-along-dance-along session.

But that was not nearly as big as Steely Dan fandom party!

And about Blood, Sweat and Tears, well -- that's another story.