Sunday, July 29, 2007

What a waste.

Last week, on Sat 21st July, at 5 am, neo-nazi skinheads launched a vicious and unprovoked attack on an anti-nuclear protest camp in Angarsk, Siberia, Russia. The nazis violently attacked activists in their sleeping bags and tents with iron rods, knives and air pressure guns.

21 year old Ilya Borodaenko from Nachodka suffered a head-fracture during the attack and later died in hospital from his injuries. At least nine others have been reported to be seriously injured, one of which has had both their legs broken. Tents were set on fire and several belongings were stolen.

(Please see UK Indymedia.)


A 21 year-old antinuclear activist died. So sad. Not just for his family and friends but for the energy policy of the whole Russia.

You see, Vladimir Vladimirovich, your country needs these young activists. (No, not the neo-nazis, for sure. But the environmentalists.)

Your country needs people who will non-violently tell you that you can't feed your people with enriched Uranium.

Neither can you build up security with barrels of Plutonium.

Nor, earn international respect with a dash of Polonium.

Also, these bright and worthy activists will add that your houses and factories already waste so much energy and electricity that you could actually shut down some reactors, instead of building more nuclear capacity, producing vast quantities of waste.

So very sad indeed.

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