Tuesday, July 17, 2007

But before I leave for Pori...

... I will show you some photos of my surroundings.

The Uspenski Cathedral, and somewhere over the rainbow...

And, these are my yummy yummy tomatoes. Growing by the window. Bought the bush from the Hakaniemi market, the best outdoor market in Helsinki. Or in Finland.

... and guess what the music for today is – and tomorrow!

(Hint: Send it off in a letter to yourself...)


Vaiheinen said...

Oh well... got to say, I'm little bit jealous:-) But, can't help it, got to stay in Helsinki on next weekend.

Did I understood rigt way, that you will hear on same concert also Kurt Rosenwinkel & Jukka Eskola All Stars, The Bad Plus (little bit like Tro Töykeät) and Elvis Costello with the Allen Toussain Band & Horns feat. Steve Nieve?


I.S. said...

Dearest Vaiheinen

YES, YES, YES! You got that right.

All if THEM will be there.

I haven't mentioned Elvis Costello in my blog yet, but I am about to do so. I have lost one of his newest cd's, the one with "Still". (I love that piece.)

So, what is so important in Helsinki then? Pori calling. Get there. Do it. Yep.


Vaiheinen said...


Some promises keeps me in Helsinki, little bit job to do.

Unfortunately there is not any video stream via internet from Pori... Information society is not so far yet.