Friday, July 06, 2007

Precious and not-so-valuable things.

Film director Andrei Nekrasov and producer Olga Konskaya on a water bus on the way to the Sveaborg islands in Helsinki archipelago. I like these guys a lot. But burning sun and strawberries? No thanks, not for me!

I was challenged by a. ja Korvenranta to tell seven things about myself. At random.

The Finnish-Russian Civic Forum 2007 has just ended, our guests have (almost) left and my notes are (almost, almost) completed. Now I have time to take a deep breath and reveal the seven things.

1. I long for adventures and new experiences. I wish I could take the train to Vladivostok and back. Well, maybe I can. The real question is "when"?

2. My favourite season is autumn. Even without proper, long holidays (which I never have had, and probably never will have), around August–September I feel refreshed and energetic. And too much sunshine make me feel dizzy or even sick.

3. I very, very seldom like comedies. Nearly never. On TV – only few are good, like the Monty Python stuff, Yes, Minister and Soap. (The best Finnish one: Tabu.) FILMS – eh, I can't remember any good comedies, but perhaps there are some. Ok, the Blues Brothers. And Jackie Brown – but is that one a comedy? How about THEATER? Nope. I never go to watch comedies in theater. I hate to see actors shouting and laughing out loud and men dressed in women's clothes and bumping into each other and dropping their trousers or anything equaly horrible.

4. I do not eat strawberries. Never.

5. I love going to sauna. To a really hot one, at least 80 C. And swimming, too. I try to do both as often as possible. (The guests of our Finnish-Russian Civic Forum went to a beautiful datcha and sauna day before yesterday. And I was not able to join them! What a pity! Still feel sorry for myself. I would have swum in the sea, too.)

6. I don't have an iPod but I envy people who do. Although I just don't think I have time to listen to anything extra. My days are so full of noises, voices and music already.

7. I don't like cooking anything complicated. Cooks on TV? Never watch them. Tried to see that Jamie Oliver once, but then I got same feeling I get when I open a cook book, any cook book: life is too short.


Ok, Seven radomly chosen details of yourself. And I now pass this on to Vaiheinen, Avaruusajan päiväunelmia, Mane the Mean, Oderazzi, Eksyneen turistin blogi, Terhikki and Vesikoira from Haukilahti (once I find your blog again, dear KK).

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