Monday, July 23, 2007

Congratulations, Lyudmila Alekseeva. Sub-eternal roses.

Before I give you the report on my adventurous visit to Pori

(it was indeed an adventure with non-expected incidents – nothing obscene or dirty, thoug... But a bit gritty all the same),

I would like to congratulate LYUDMILA ALEKSEEVA for her recent 80th birthday! Dear Mrs Alekseeva, it was lovely to have you visiting us recently!

And congrats, PM from Pori area, for your 50th anniversary. (Sorry for missing the party on Sat. In Pori.)

There you go, it's Anna Akhmatova again.

I Don't Like Flowers

I don't like flowers - they do remind me often
Of funerals, of weddings and of balls;
Their presence on tables for a dinner calls.

But sub-eternal roses' ever simple charm
Which was my solace when I was a child,
Has stayed - my heritage - a set of years behind,
Like Mozart's ever-living music's hum.


And last and least, before my Steely Dan report, containing some juicy details on how to survive in Pori: look what I just found – a hand-powered chainsaw. Now isn't that something. At times these Treehugger pages make me day.

This saw is not for splatter film directors, or muscless non-green mobsters who tend to destroy rainforests.

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