Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

It is the late morning of 1.1.2007. Miss Funnybunny and I have just watched TV news of international channels and seen that you guys in the US just celebrated the last midnight of 2006. Yippppppeee, HAPPYYYY NEEWWWW YYYEEEAARRRRR, YUUU-ESSSS-AAAAA AAANNNDD CAAA-NAAA-DAAA!!!!

I decided to ban chocolate. None for me, and none for Miss Funnybunny, either. But then I was re-thinking this major sacrifice and realised I am not ready for it. And you can't do these things just because someone tells you have to. You must be willing to do that yourself. (Okay, okay, no-one has told me to. It just sounded so right.)

One reason for continuing to enjoy eating chocolate is that as a present we got wonderful hand-made Chocolate Balls (yes, REALLY. See the photo above). And I just can't let go. Anyhow, I was on strike... but only until the end of the last year!

The fact that the Total Chocolate Ban lasted only for some hours does not matter, it is the thought that counts.


Please see the Challenge below (is my yesterday's blogging), and thanks for everybody for answering (some have answered by e-mail or in the blogs of their own).

The major question is not just to sum up the late '06, but to tell What Is To be Done. Especially you guys who live in my neighborning country in the East (OC, AN, OK...), I would very much like to hear your thoughts!

Enjoy, and let the good times roll, Time After Time.


By the way, the beautiful woman in yesterday's blogging is not any kind of a Queen Of Soul (at least not that I know of. But maybe she is a queen of karaoke; I wouldn't be surprised...), unlike someone asked. She is Angela Davis. (Mr HP is her fan!)

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Kristiina Koivunen said...

Ihmettelin mitä möykkyjä kuvassa on, lankakeriäkö, mutta selvisihän se tekstistä.