Sunday, January 28, 2007

Push ups. No attachments.

Spring has come. You can tell from listening to people talking about sports. Everybody wants to do something, energy is rolling, and papers are full of articles about obesity, cellulite, diets, or the usual bikini stuff. The Canary Islands holiday season will be starting – not that it concernes us, no, we are so not going.

I see that Petite Anglaise goes to gym – I can't, I find it SO boring. Or maybe, how if I took some good book with me? (I usually tend to read back-volumes of women's magazines while suffering in leg-press. SEE, I have been at gyms.) She seems to hate it, too, but she keeps "bearing with it", as for her gym is a "necessity".

Well, good for Petite Anglaise and I wish her best of luck (and do not understand how she, a single mother and a writer, will find the time for gym three times a week!)

I am not at all anti-sport, and I do not feel at all embarrassed when sweating. I like running, cycling, dancing. All that aerobic stuff that is far from fashionable any more. But I don't like modern techno aerobics. I hate the music and usually, it is much too loud. Have to wear earplugs, terrible.

For me, doing sports must be easy. What I mean is, the place where to exercise must be near (preferably, at home or close.) And, I don't want to pay for classes beforehand; neither do I want to buy ridiculous one year long memberships. No attachments, no fidelity.

But I like push ups: I do 50 every day. Started last Christmas. And now that I am stronger, I do them just like men are supposed to, not the ladylike ones with knees on the floor.

I see that a. has tried yoga. The Bikram yoga ("hot yoga") place is very near where I live. But I am NOT going there without a. Especially not at 7.30 a.m.

So why blog about sports, in the middle of important political developments, surrounded by deeply philosofical books, and when excellent documentaries are shown at DocPoint festivals, in Helsinki?

No. Sports it is now, because

a) being fit is important, too, and not at all useless.
b) Makes one's brain active, too, and
c) adds quality of life. And,
d) because Miss Funnybunny is having a cold again there's very little I could tell you about the on-going film festivals. I wasn't able see many films, unfortunately. (But managed to see two! That was something!)

Also, you see, the sports I prefer – home gym, push ups on the living room floor, and walking, playing and dancing with Miss Funnybunny, and occacional running (not now, it's winter here!) – they don't cost anything.

Though, sauna and swimming pool at Yrjönkatu cost occasional 4,20 euros. But I can manage that.


I will soon blog about a film in particular. First I just have to do some reading and thinking. AN, just wait and see.


Mane the Mean said...

50 push-ups! I could not do that many in a week... quite envious.

I. S. said...

You get stronger and stronger! It is surprising how fast the muscles develop. I started with the lady-like-ones (on my knees) and soon that became too easy, and had to start with the real ones. And Istarted with ten, and now I do 2 x 25. (Can't do 50 in a row, though.)


Tiger said...

If you do decide to try Bikram Yoga, there's a great resource at - it's local hot studio locations, reviews & more