Saturday, December 30, 2006

Good, was it? Make 2007 a better one.

I have challenged some of you. Please tell me

- How was it, in 2006? (Locally, globally, whatever.)
- 2007: What do you think YOU should do better? Or, what should be done? (... to make this a better world. Whatever.)

Big questions, I know. But I am trying to scratch the surface here.

Before I start thinking of good deeds and promises, I list some major things of this year. (Soon to be last year.)

And before I list anything, I have to add that I think that politically, and judging the general atmosphere (in Finland, too) intellectually, and even environmentally, this year has been a bad one. Sorry to say.

Very negative stuff:

1) Unfair political systems. Lack of human rights.
- Murders of Politkovskaya and Litvinenko. Several wars; Darfur, Somalia, Chechnya, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine... to begin with.
- Saddam executed without a proper trial. Bad example. But I guess the war in Iraq has had very little to do with justice, and this equals to the both sides.
- Materazzi making Zidane crazy; the both of them ruing the final.

2) Environmental hazards. Global warming. Black "winter" in most of Finland. Total waste of energy, electricity, oil, and any kind of valuable global resources.

3) Poverty. Poor becoming poorer. Seems to be a trend.

But now the good things in 2006, and these are very private:

1) Miss Funnybunny and the rest of my loved ones. You never fail.

2) Professionally this has been the time of major changes, for the better. I have liked these changes a lot. (But as this is not a work diary I will end this discussion here.)

3) I have had time for the things I like during my leasure time: have been watching football (soccer) in Finland and in Germany, riding (horseback), travelled in Iceland (is was also business trip, though) and in Estonia (total freedom!). Let alone Prague.

4) Have got new friends. (At times I don't realise how this is even possible, at least in Helsinki: I feel I already know more or less of everybody, and the ones to become friends with me already are. But NOOOOO, there are so many wonderful new people to meet! And this year has been a success again.)

5) Hard times have connected people.


And now to the New Year. What to do better in 2007? IStori's heavy list:

1) Be good to yourself. Get enough sleep. Read good books. Avoid TV. Go out, walk and run. Eat well. Mostly organically produced and vegetarian. Those are far better for you and the environment, compaired to the meat and milk of greatly suffering animals and veggies with pesticides. If you are short of money, you do tend to eat much better and cheaper, too, if you make your own food instead of buing junk food. Listen to good music, like this kind of jazz. Best there has ever been.

2) Be good to others. This is a huge thing to do. I'll try to figure out what it means. But for me the first step is that day by day I try to spend more time with miss Funnybunny. (And, day by day she is getting older, cleverer and funnier!)

3) Demand good things. Speak publicly for human rights, equality, end of environmental destruction, or peace (and if you are a politician, do more then just speaking). Say no to idiotic stuff like wars, attacks, invasions. They are never for good. They are for cheaper oil, gas pipes or liberated drug business. Do not vote for idiots. Use your brain.

(Basically, what I am saying is that stop whining and kick ass.)

And finally, let me make your day and include here a Helsinki clip I dedicate to those of you who

a) live elsewhere, or are somewhere travelling, and to
b) all of us who miss snow.


Tuija said...

2006 for me was an amazing year of learning about digital media culture.

What I should do better in 2007? Perhaps be better at recognizing individual achievements of those around me and commenting more in other peoples blogs.

I have no great ambitions what comes to making the world better on a bigger scale - I'll start with what is close by.

I do like your "stop whining and kick ass" - recipe though! Happy New Year Iida!

a. said...

Thanks for the challenge, I.

How was it for me, 2006? I choose a very personal perspective on this... 2006 was ok, I suppose. I survived.
At times it was very very disappointing, but some things on the other hand were just great. In the end, I tend to remember good things and forget about the not-so-good ones.
Some especially good things about 2006 still continue: friends that are still in my life, new people that I got to know better during 2006 and whom I like more and more each day, a new hobby (astanga yoga).

2007: What do I think I should do better? In 2007 I will be a better person than in 2006. Therefore, I will:
- be nicer to people (especially the good ones)
- do more good choices & things

Actually, if everybody just copied your brilliant list of doings for 2007 and followed it, the world really would be a better place! I think I'll try...

Some more thoughts about my 2006 & 2007 can be read in my own blog (only in Finnish, sorry...).

Happy new year, I, HP & Miss Funnybunny!

kristiina said...

Dear Istory,

sorry for my late reply. I have been busy and tired during last weeks. But better late than never.

1) Year 2006. The most important thing for me was that I made a travel guide book of Southeast Turkey. I am so happy that the book is ready because now there are some obstacles for me in travelling to Turkey.

The book is in Finnish language but I hope it will be translated to other languages.

2) What I should do better in 2007? Work less and relax more. I know how it goes in theory... but how to turn good theory to practice...

Happy New Year to You and Your family!