Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lost. Part II.

Please see Lost I, ie. the previous entry in my blog.

The following quotes are from the press release of Russian-Chechnyan Friendship Society (RCFS).

"It is evident that the so-called positive image of Russia is also of no concern for the present Kremlin authorities. They keep complaining about somebody’s evil intention to discredit them in the eyes of their free world counterparts when murders
of dissident politicians and journalists in the contemporary Russia are raised at the international fora from time to time. They have got used to avoiding answering unsuitable questions about Chechnya for so long that now they feel free to mockingly neglect them. There has been no other response from the Russian authorities to the claim of the international public figures to the murder of Politkovskaya but mere words about continuing investigation. The Russian authorities have responded to the concerns expressed about the ruling to liquidate the Russian-Chechen Friendship Society (RCFS) on absurd extremist charges with the final decision to crack down on us."


IStori: This is HARD stuff! It is not often that I get to see words like "so-called positive image", "evil intention" and "to mockingly neglect".

But I just love their sincerity; straight forward, with no hesitation, let alone fear.

No, there must be fear, after all this violence. But it does not show in this text.

Their soulmates abroad should give a helping hand.


RCFS: "The court session held at the Supreme Court yesterday was a farce. Firstly, the hearing was postponed until late afternoon without warning. It was an obvious

attempt to get rid of observers but all of them were at the door of the Supreme Court at 3 pm. Then officers of justice claimed that there was not enough room for all the observers in a tiny court room where the hearing was organized. However, it turned out that they had deliberately brought a group of people who just occupied the seats in an attempt not to let observers attend the trial. When those people were asked what organization they represented, they mockingly responded, “No organization. We are just public". Later two of those people confessed that some of them were students of the Law Academy and that they had been ordered to stay in the court room."

IStori: Excuse me? They fill the room with students. Kids. Who are told to come and occupy all the seats.

And they, representatives of the Supreme Court, actually think they can get away with that!

It is the kind of stupid, hard-boiled arrogance that, had it not been such a tragic event, it would make me laugh.

And, as a matter of fact, they can get away with that.

This is very frustrating.

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