Sunday, August 06, 2006

The War. And then Helsinki, DuoDynamo, Kirkkonummi, and Wong Kar-Wai

Firstly, I must say, that everybody who likes to read blogs must find a good Israeli or Lebanese blog and read how things are there, where people are fighting for their lives, or just sitting in a shelter, or perhaps on a street, being scared for the lives of her loved ones.

The world is crazy, and this current crises, once again, makes me think much less of human beings. Humanity, is there such a thing? (Sadly, the Middle East is not the only place where there is a war now. In Africa "only", there are now more than 25 on-going & extremely violent, national or multinational conflicts.)

I have found this blog very interesting:

First some pictures my dear miss Funnybunny would like. (And so would you, dear DuoDynamo, L. and A.)

We have been on the move again, but not far from home: On Thursday we went to Laajasalo. A cosy suburban area, built in 1960s and '70s. Houses fit into the landscape, lots of trees (even forests), parks, seaside. Good connections. And not the hectic feeling of the center of Helsinki - NOT a bad thing a all. But the main reason for our visit, was that Ms. Honeybunny wanted to meet her friends, 2-year old twins, ie. DuoDynamo. Or actually, they will be two this week, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, congrats!!!! (We will send you a greeting card from Estonia soon.)

On Friday we visited Kirkkonummi, went to a very nice party where Miss F. introduced a new card game. She played it with 5-10 people and happily kept winning until it was time to leave. (Very good, she must start concidering professional poker career.)

It was so nice to sit in the garden and enjoy good company. It has been so very dry and warm in Finland for the whole summer, but soon these nice gardenpartyweathers will come to an end...

Yesterday and today we have been walking around Helsinki, running errands or just enjoying ourselves. This is such a wonderful town. It is good to live here. Home sweetest home.
Yesterday I went with V.H. to one of the best film theaters in the Universe, Kino Engel, to see Days Of Being Wild by Wong Kar-Wai. Very good film. It was about a (male) person breaking hearts of young ladies, and being totally unable to love anybody, no even himself, because of his broken heart. And that was because his mother had... NO, I won't spoil anything, go and watch it.

Enjoy the summer! Do it. Now.

As soon it will be Christmas.


Ps. Stop the war.

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