Saturday, August 26, 2006

Busy season starting. Welcome autumn!

Publishing and media businesses are loaded with get-togethers, parties, celebrations of all kinds. Also, the whole city of Helsinki is blooming. The artistic, lively autumn is starting. Concerts, exhibitions, opening nights... Sleepy summer is over – busy autumn, welcome!

The weather is still exceptionally warm, and the smoke from Russia does not smell so bad any more. They have either been able to put out the fires in forests and dumps. Or it really has rained. Not here it hasn't. Not enough.

Is the world coming to its end?

This photo is NOT manipulated, this is a cloud over the southern Helsinki: Eira and Ullanlinna. I took this photo at the annual crayfish party of publishers and booksellers (of Kirjakilta, "Book guild"), right outside the Restaurant Saari, "Island" (which is on an island, surprise, surprise).

...but getting miss Funnybunny back home from her Granny is among the best moments. It is nice to have fun with friends and colleagues, but I do miss her so much when she is away. (She is not far, though, but still...)

When Mr HP and I fetched her, we stopped to have cake and coffee (and juice for miss F) in Cafe Tamminiemi, Meilahti. I used to live there in Meilahti. And today I was going on and on about the fact that I wish we could move (back) to Meilahti. My favourite area in Helsinki. Next to the cafe is a modern art gallery of the city of Helsinki, and the next big villa is the official residence of President Urho Kekkonen. See yourself:

Tomorrow we will go to a film festival near Helsnki, to Espoo Cine. All three of us. But no films for us; I don't want to leave Miss Funnybunny anywhere, not again.

We will go to a short but slow walk by the sea. Miss F likes to watch geese and ducks.

I like to watch her doing whatever she enjoys.

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