Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Estonia, here we come!

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We will leave for Estonia soon, my dear Mr HP, Miss Funnybunny and I.

On Friday, first by ferry to Tallinn, then we drive to the town of Sillamäe, from there to Narva. There we stay overnight. Then, on Sat, we proceed to the litterary happening of the village of Mustvee, by the Lake Peipus. And from there to Tartu. And back to Helsinki on Monday evening.

The following quote is stolen from the net. The City of Sillamäe pages are proudly stating that

"Sillamäe is one of the most enigmatic, captivating, and fast-developing towns in Ida-Viru county. The town was long time closed to visitors and kept secret because of its military industrial function. After closing down the highly secret industry, the town, which was built at the seaside based on a compactplan and filled with well-styled architecture, is finally open, for both visitors and new ideas. Sillamäe, is a “bridge” between the European Union and the Russian Federation, where a free trade zone, a harbour, and working industrial enterprises have been established, along with other developments. And this is why its slogan is: Sillamäe – the town of fresh sea winds."

THE TOWN OF FRESH SEA WINDS"?!?!?!?! That's where a huge low-level (and perhaps intermediate level) liquid nuclear waste dump is located. There used to be a nuclear fuel factory of some kind during to Soviet era. (No reactors in estonia, thank God.)

And, of course, the dump is the reason for my wanting to see the place. You see, the pools are is nightmarishly only A FEW TENS OF METERS FROM THE BALTIC SEA! They say it has been covered, but it has been suspected that they leak to the sea.

Gee. I'll give you a report soon.


Ps. I was not able to download photos today. The blogger was not functioning as it should. But go and see yourself: www.sillamae.ee.

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