Monday, August 07, 2006

Time-saving Tips #1 and #2! * At last (I had time for them)!

I promised some time ago, especially to you, Mohammed, that I will give my tips about how to save time, or be more efficient. Well, I must back up a bit and humbly doubt wether I am so efficient, but I am constantly trying to be more organised. Because, despite the fact that I am a happy mother of a demanding little girl, I do have an intresting and fulfilling job, hobbies, friends, and I travel and study and wander around second-hand music shops. So, as promised, I give my tips anyway:

#1: Stop complaining that you don't have time.

This does not sound like a tip - BUT IT IS. If you complain all the time that you are too busy to do thisandthat (what you'd really love to do), you'll lose a lot of energy.
Ans soon you will start believing yourself, that, you actually can do only few things in your life, in general. That is a pity.
BUT on the other hand, there are people, like parents of toddler twins, who really do not have time to do everything, when taking care of the little ones is their priority. (But maybe, just maybe, even they will be in a better situation a bit later. At least when the kids go start the university.)

But do not complain. Negative attitude is a big obstacle.

#2: Make lists of things you have to do.

I do them all the time, every day. For me listing things, and putting things in order is the best way to organise things quickly.
For example, when Ms. Funnubunny had a cold and we had to stay home, I could only go to the office for an hour or two. (Her father came home, of course, to let me go.) Then I had to have on a list all the people I needed to reach by e-mail, or by phone, and in a right order: I put the deadlines that were day before yesterday first, then the things that were extremely urgent, then the tasks that had to be be done just then, or else... , and after those, the things that would have caused me severe discomfort and sleepless nights, if not completed immediately...
You get the picture.
So when I arrive at the office, I will know at once where to start from, and if a number is not answering or some missing piece of information is preventing me from writing a certain e-mail, I will quickly move on.
Without the lists(s) I would, both be too slow and forget things.

Of course, not all of my work is so quick. Most of my work consists of reading huge piles of papers, or writing, or even THINKING. Those are things you not be done quickly. But the lists are good for doing many little, but yet important things in a short time.

And, lists make your life easier at home too, if you have to organise many things in short time. When you start writing down things like: X) do the laundry X) fold the laundry, X) call Mum, X) write the blog, X) make dinner for Funnybunny and everybody else, X watch the BBC documentary on WWII (I watch them ALL THE TIME), X) watch the news, X) listen to the Estonian language course... ETC, then you realise which are the ones you have to start with, and which could and should be done at the same time. (The tip #3 will be: Always - if possible - do many things at the same time! But I will tell more about that later.)

In domestic life tough, one will soon get a good routine. I don't need lists at home, not often at least.

But if you feel you run out of time EVERY DAY, and at home, too, then you should try listing things. That might be helpful.

And don't forget to bury the lists in the bin at times, and enjoy the sunshine & be less busy!

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