Monday, August 21, 2006

USA, for a change, and Yurop

Dear Net,

I have been doing/donethat/orjustbeenthere

three (3) important and interesting things:

a) We came back from Tartu, travelling through Estonia again, but different route.

b) I ate crayfish in an island, in a fancy but traditional and cosy restaurant, with my colleagues from Finnish publishing houses and bookshops. A traditional Finnish (or Nordic?) crayfish party, that was.

About crayfish and parties celebrating these poor creatures:

c) I was attending Finncon (Science Fiction Convention) in Helsinki, and there I addressed large (the largest than EVER!) audience about science FICTION and the REALITY of ecological problems resulting (almost) to the World Ending. Gosh.

More about the Con:

But, as I don't have the photos of these occasions put in order yet, I decided to put the funny world map instead. There always is time and a place for amusement, especially at the expence of American stupidity.

A biased blogger,

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