Thursday, June 01, 2006

Themes, from swimming to Belarus.

Have been thinking about the themes I should be writing about. And I have these, so far. But these are a lot.

Easy, more relaxed stuff:

1) Swimming (outdoors, natural waters preferably)
2) Films (not time to see new ones, so this will be about classics, probably)
3) Football. My beloved topic. Ang in this blog, at least this summer.


1) Human rights and international politics. (Especially Eastern European. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. And Northern African, Like Tunis.)
2) Global warming (eco stuff in general)
3) Languages.

Seem ambitious, don't they? But one has to have challenges. And otherwise writing this blog is just too easy, and sooner or later, it will be too boring.

I. S.

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tri said...

i don't care very much about football, but i like swimming. and human rights, eco stuff, languages and such. so i will have to check out this blog on a regular basis!