Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Summer is coming!

Isn't this beautiful, but blurred, view from our bedroom window, from Kruununhaka to Katajanokka. Summer is coming to Helsinki, even though it is not quite so warm yet. But beautiful, yes!

I will be visiting Reykjavik, Iceland soon, from Friday the 2nd, till Monday. Swimming in the Blue Lagoon, horses, volcanic hills and fjords, vivid nightlife, with stars from literary circles, and Björk...


I promised to reveal the best World Cup soccer team. Even if it will definetely lessen the excitement of the Cup! Not ready to do that yet. Sorry. Have to check out my files for the zillionth time.

But some of the ones that might cause big, positive surprises (positive for themselves, mind that) are Mexico, France (not winning this time, though) and Czechia! (But how about the African teams? Still big question marks for me, but I have to learn more before the game starts.)

Let's get back to this, too, soon.



Mane the Mean said...

German has the best team and will win all the way to the finals and even there!

Kristiina Koivunen said...

Onnea uudelle blogille! Minullakin on blogi, ja sen ajan tasalla pitäminen vaatisi enemmän aikaa kuin mitä voin käyttää siihen....

It's good idea to write in English - maybe I should do the same in my blog?