Saturday, June 03, 2006

Reykjavik, Iceland and Ian Rankin

Around Reykjavik there are spectacular landscapes. But it is a bit cold... Coming from Finland I have always thought we Finns know how to dress when being in small northern town by the sea. But what I tought should be enough is not.

I am very curious about the history and culture behind these views. How did the Vikings get started in here, from where did they bring food and all the equipment needed when it comes to building infrastructure? How come is it possible that the Icelanders read so much, and so good literature? Because they have nothing else to do?

Today the one detective story author I find absolutely the best, Number One, the King, will be here: IAN RANKIN! (But I love Scottish crime novels, and the best new wirtes of the genre are from Edinburgh and Glasgow.) Rankin will do signing in a book store "Mal og Menning", in "down town" (well, it is down the hill, actually). What a lycky coincidence!

Best wishes,
Iida and the gang

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aino said...

As a member of "the gang" I'll have to say that beeing as short as it was, we had an amazing trip. Thank you very much for having me with you! =)