Monday, June 05, 2006

Iceland: Blue Lagoon and Thingvellir

Quick remarks on Iceland, now that I'm back home.

* At least half of the Icelandic words end with "-ur". Why? (It's not plural, is it?) I have to dig deeply Nordic linguistics.

* Blue Lagoon was wonderful! We should have something of a kind in Finland, too. We do not have volcanic activity (not so close to the surface anyway), but geothermal energy could be used everywhere. (And we have clean water, lots of it.) I have never swam in such a beautiful pond, and in so HOT water. If I lived in Reykjavik I would go there all the time, every week at least.

* The place that advertises "the best fish and chips in the world" is lying. They were NOT the best, not even good.

* One should rent a car and drive to Thingvellir, as we did, where there is the border of the Americal and European continental shelves. And you notice that! The walls are huge. On the way there from Reykjavik there lots of horses and sheep everywhere and the home of Haldor Laxnes. Also the landscape is differnt from Reykjavik, much greener and the volcanoes are quite dramatic. It takes only one hour and a half to Thingvellir from Reykjavik. The roads are in good condition but you are not allowed to drive faster than 90 km/h. These roads must be very slippery in winter.

* Other most interesting animals we saw: dolphins, whales and puffins (suomeksi: lunni). (We went to the open sea by a whale watching ship.)

* More about Iceland here:

* The best bar in Reykjavik is Belly's, near the port and Kolaportid fleemarket (the most expensive flee market in the world.) It is not too expensive, quite crowded later at night, but the atmosphere and the owner were nice. They don't serve food but allow you to bring your own pizza from the takeaway next door.

Best wishes to our gang, and to my new friends:
Hannu, Aino, Pasi, Leena, Ossi, Sjon, Ian and Roberta!

Ps. Mennään pian uudestaan ja otetaan vauvelikin sitten mukaan!