Monday, June 12, 2006

Gene Hackman and today's figures

Luiz Felipe "Gene Hackman" Scolari showed he can sill coach winning team! In my ranking list Portugal will get quite far. (But not until the beautiful end...)

My best scorers in the cup as a whole (I filled in a coupon in Finnish betting system "Veikkaus") they have been Raul, though unfortunately he is a Real Madrid man and I'd prefer Barca, and Crespo. <- Group C is quite difficult, but, well, my ultimate winner is Argentina after all!

But what happened to Sweden!? That was so lame. Be ashamed you lazy neighbours. And, according to the accusing headlines of yours, you are. Perhaps it is true that if one is too sure about winning a match and too easily, then winning will be most difficult.

Today the matches will end like this: ITA-GHA 2-1 (not too personal a choice but couldn't help it...) and USA-CZE 0-4. ou'll see!

I. S.

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Anonymous said...

Last night Australia was wonderful. I liked that when team was going to defeat, the coach changed more attackers to the field. Yes, some coaches do that but all three! Australia showed that it is same to defeat 0-1 or 0-3, but they get change and victory was wonderful.

I liked Portugal as well. The made what they had to do. Portugal... all time loosers, but maybe this time?

My bets with Veikkaus has gone to the woods totally and therefore I decide not to bet anymore:-)